Spontaneity And Inspiration In A Journal


Being inspired and spontaneous in a journal are the goals to which I aspire. Today they occurred in perfect harmony.

Here’s how it went. A friend shared a pretty photo on Facebook that inspired me to try a little color matching. Without wasting a minute, except to chase off the spider that had taken up residence in my palette, I grabbed my Kuretake waterbrush and played with the blues in my kit until something akin to the original photo emerged.

Time invested? Ten minutes at the most to meet both artistic goals.

And it made my day.

Moral of the story? Don’t hesitate. Embrace!

Watercolor on Canson XL Mix Media paper. Kuretake medium waterbrush with American Journey Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue and Burnt Umber along with Daniel Smith Green Gold and Sap Green. Color test to the right with Ultramarine Blue flowing into Cobalt Blue.



  1. That’s so beautiful for a quick sketch. After reading your posts on taking advantage of the moment (and traveling to far away places via the Web), I have been trying to do the same thing every evening–just writing something (one or two poems usually) without worrying too much about them. Now and again I mostly write a short paragraph, but in any case I have accomplished something artistically. But your drawing shows that a lot can be accomplished in just a few strokes. Thank you for sharing this poppy. I love the blue of it.


    • Good on you for putting your artistic endeavors ahead of various temptations. Flexing those muscles daily is sure to pay off.

      Those poppies really are that blue. Beautiful, aren’t they?


  2. I’m inspired! Thanks, Margana. =)


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