Some Inks Have All The Fun


Sailor Peach Pink ink has a ring around it. Isn’t that unexpected?



  1. Is Sailor Peach Pink one of the ones that will be discontinued? I love the color but I do not yet have a bottle.


    • Yes, it has been discontinued. Some sites call it Peche. Nibs.com may still have it in stock if you want a bottle. It is more dusky than Iroshizuku kosumosu or J. Herbin Rose Tendresse, the other two pinks in my collection. All three are lovely colors.


  2. The ring is pretty common. By using that paper towel you are doing a little experiment in paper chromatography. This ink is made from two or more pure dyes to achieve it’s final color.


    • Yes, I am aware of that and have posted similar paper towel samples in the past. Some inks show their components better than others. This one was particularly attractive so I decided to share it. The pink and green are very pretty next to each other.


      • Agreed. I like the contrast a lot. It’s funny because when I mix contrasting colors, most times I end up with a brown final ink… I wonder if the new inks will have the same dramatic separations on the filter paper.


        • That brown is known as “mud” when it comes to mixing watercolors. It happens when the three primaries come together in the right proportion. It can be a surprise when using paint made from multiple pigments if there is an unexpected color in the formula. That green halo is a good example. Who knew there was green in it? Watercolor manufacturers publish the pigments used in a paint which helps with performance prediction. Ink manufacturers do not, so mixing ink is like getting a surprise package. Sometimes you love what you get. Other times, not so much.


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