Inkophile Turned Six In May



  • Six years is a long time to survive on the Internet. Heck, it’s a long time compared to most marriages! But here we are, still friends, and sharing our enthusiasm for ink, pens, and paper. Thank you all for making this relationship last so long.
  • Did you know there have been 4,000 comments in that six years? My, my but you guys do love to chat me up. More, please!
  • A couple of years ago, I started posting about watercolor painting and some of you really took to that addition. For those of you who share my interest, there is a button in the sidebar that will make locating those posts easier though they will continue to appear in the main feed as well.
  •  Watch for giveaways over the summer. Consider the G. Lalo one in progress to be only the first.


  1. Congratulations Margana! Here’s to the next six years!


  2. Congrats and Happy Birthday Inkophile!


  3. Congratulations!


  4. I’ve only recently discovered your blog but very much enjoy it.




  5. Congrats – fun to read … here’s to many more years


    • Thanks for all the congrats. More years to come indeed.


  6. Happy Birthday! Keep it up, please, and a special thanks for the watercolor link.


  7. I’ve only discovered your blog in the last few months. It’s very good, informative and, at times, witty. Here’s to the next six years.


  8. Congratulations! I look forward to many more years of Inkophile.


  9. Congrats, a great milestone in blogosphere!


  10. congratulations! many many more!


  11. Margana, you are the best. Congratulations on doing whatever it takes to be there, not always a simple task. A quick question. Last fall you published a link to an author’s site. I don’t remember his name but the link took me to his review of the Pilot Custom 823 and thanks to that, I bought one. I’d love to find him again and this time bookmark his site. Thanks again for all you do.


    • Thanks, Bert. I ran through all of my posts from August through December, but did not find a link to a review of the 823. However, I did find a few possibilities via Google, two of which I might have linked to in the text of a post. Hopefully, one of these is the one for which you are looking.

      Okami: Featured Pen – Pilot Custom 823
      Write to Me Often: Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen Review
      Pen Boutique Blog: In Praise of the Pilot Custom 823
      The Dizzy Pen: Pilot Custom 823, One of My Favorites



      • I love all of those links but they aren’t the one. However, I might be able to narrow it down some. The link could have been about journals and in the blog post you referenced he mentioned the 823 and how much he loved it.
        The author was a writer who blogged some about fountain pens and paper and made the comment that he wrote all of his first drafts longhand with his 823.
        Thanks so much for all you do, which includes the powerful response to individual requests –
        You are GREAT.


        • Neil Gaiman uses a Pilot Custom 823 amongst other pens. Beth Treadway uses a fountain pen. No doubt others do, but I am stumped as to who I mentioned last fall.


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