Small Akkerman Inks Now At Vanness


As foretold on Inkophile and per the Vanness website:

WE NOW OFFER AKKERMAN IN THE 60ML BOTTLES- it will not be available on our website- Orders can be placed by calling the store or by emailing us.

No info on the price per bottle, but it seems they are offering free shipping with a purchase of four. Anyone interested?



  1. I certainly am interested. I need to find someone to go halfsies with, though. Four bottles is just way too much for me. =)


    • Can’t help you. I’m on an ink-free diet. No purchases for the foreseeable future.


  2. Hi Margana! How’ve you been? Nice inky blog (: I’ve never heard of these Akkerman inks, what are they like? Maybe I need some new ink..


    • Hi Marina!

      It’s been ages since we’ve talked. Happy to hear from you and glad you like the blog. It keeps me out of trouble…sort of. I have no experience with Akkerman, but admire the bottle design. I vaguely recall reading they are comparable to Diamine, a line you know very well. More ink is always a good thing, so let me know if you buy some and what you think of it.

      Stay in touch! Inkophile*at*gmail.com if you want to talk about things other than ink. 🙂



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