Another Off-Topic Post – Tabletop Game Day!


Plan ahead, folks: Saturday is International Tabletop Day! Stock up on munchies and gather a few friends for the universal joy of playing games with real boards and pieces. Yes, board games, the type that responds to hand motions in ways a computer never will. Those boxes of bits and pieces may have been gathering dust for ages, but Saturday could be the perfect time to dust them off and have a bit of good, clean fun. Are you game?


  1. We play a tabletop game every week, so of course! 🙂 what’s your favorite table top game?


    • What do you play? Ticket to Ride might have gotten the most play though I am fond of Go as well. Also, Carcassonne and The Settlers of Catan. There is no lack of games to play, but there is a lack of players.


  2. I am a big fan of board games, and agree that there is never a lack of good ones to play but usually a lack of players.


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