A Colorful Background For Your Journal Musings


Is your Doodle Journal in need of a splash of color? This video demonstrates how to create a watercolor background on what looks like Moleskine watercolor paper. I’ve done the same technique in a Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook. The paper needs to be heavy enough to take watercolor well, but once dry will accept any fountain pen ink. Brush pens are great for this application as well.


  1. […] background (which I painted first), came from a video tutorial that was posted on inkophile. After watching the video, I realized I needed to use these resources to continue to learn and […]


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  3. […] Video demo for making watercolor backgrounds (via Inkophile) […]


  4. […] influenced by things and they stick with us. I saw this Koosje Koene video back in March of 2014 (courtesy of Inkophile) and it still has an effect on my work! Splashy backgrounds have become my […]


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