Moleskine And Fountain Pen Ink


Another test with Moleskine and fountain pen ink, but this time with italic nibs.

Noodler’s Blue Eel isn’t bad though the bleed-through limits writing to only one side of the paper. Noodler’s Black paired with a Pilot Prera and a Plumix medium italic nib performed so well that there wasn’t even a dot of bleed-through. No feathering to speak of either.

Writing with a wide nib on both sides of Moleskine paper? Shocking I tell you. Shocking!


  1. Is that the watercolour one?


    • The watercolour notebook is unlined. The notebook for the test is a lined, reporter style, 9 cm x 14 cm.


  2. Milestone have already lost my business for journal sized books to Leuchtturm 1917, and only last month in a bargain store they both lost out to an unbranded leather-look £1.00 notebook. I was so impressed with the construction and paper quality I bought ten of the Journal (A5) sized.£2.00 books.


    • What a great deal you got on those journals. Good paper can be very hard to find, but such a joy when you do.


  3. I would love to hear about a good ink to use with the sketchbook Moleskine. The only one that worked almost OK was Noodlers El Lawrence,but not alltogether OK. I want to be able to write without smudging as most inks take a long time to dry on the sketckbook paper.


    • No sketchbook on hand to test inks, but I have been happy with Noodler’s Lexington Grey, Kiowa Pecan and Black in other notebooks. Have you tried any of them?


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