It’s March And Green Reigns Supreme


There is no lack of green ink for those who fancy the color. Every March I wade through swatches looking for just the right shade for the current year and the fountain pen in waiting.

Over the weekend Diamine Emerald got the nod for the Pelikan M200 OB. Yesterday a bottle of J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage (a gift from Karen at Exaclair) called very loudly to the Noodler’s Konrad flex nib. Who was I to keep them apart?

Have you succumbed to the green and if so, which ink and pen are paired as your intrepid duo?



  1. I love green. I have Private Reserve Sherwood Green, and I love it, but if I have even slightly clammy or sticky fingers, it smears horribly. These inks look divine.


    • Ah, the old saturation dilemma. It’s a trade-off for using brilliant color. Neither Lierre Sauvage or Emerald have that problem, but they are a bit more subtle in color. Emerald was my first green ink and has never met a pen it didn’t like. Lierre Sauvage is slightly brighter and lighter with terrific shading and outlining with some pens. Those characteristics make it an especially enjoyable ink to use in both italic and flex nibs. What do you like about Sherwood Green?


      • Both of your inks sound very nice and ones I should look into. I’d say the thing I like best about Sherwood Green is the saturation. It is an intense “Christmas-y” foresty green. Very smooth to write with, but not a ton of shading. However, I would prefer more shading. I think it’s a trade off. I have yet to use it in a pen with a broad nib. I tend to have it in fine, since it dries faster that way, but it flows so well. Right now it’s in Pen & Ink Sketch fountain pen, with a fine nib. Writes like a dream…. just the smear factor.


        • The inks I mentioned shouldn’t smear, but they won’t be as vivid as Sherwood Green. If it makes a good line with a fine nib, then you have struck on its best use. If you find it annoyingly slow to dry, a blotter might help.


          • Good to know, and a blotter has been something I think I need to consider for several reasons. One being the drying time.


  2. I have tried Mont Blanc Irish Green and I’ve been quite disappointed by its massive feathering. It might be nice in an otherwise extremely dry pen, but otherwise …


    • MB usually offers inks that perform very well so that is particularly disappointing to learn. There are so many others from which to choose though an exact color match is unlikely. Besides the two in my pens today, Diamine Umber and Kelly Green as well as Iroshizuku Shin-Ryoku are the ones I use the most often. Perhaps, one of those will perform more to your liking.


  3. I like greens a lot 😀 Diamine Emerald, Umber, Meadow, Sherwood, Salamander or Deep Dark Green (the one of Cult Pens) are fantastic. I also like Private Reserve Spearmint, Avacado and Ebony Green, Rohrer & Klingner Alt Goldgrün (though it’s olive), Herbin Lierre Sauvage, Mont Blanc White Forest, Sailor Epinard, Caran D’Ache Amazon, De Atramentis Patina Green… I’ve tried lots of green inks 😀


  4. Ah, green, the color of eccentrics and spooks. I’m also fond of Diamine Umber, even if the person who named it has obviously never squeezed a tube of paint in his or her life.


  5. Count me as another lover of green – Diamine Apple Glory, Noodler’s GI Green, and Forest Green. GI and Forest Green are pretty close – will give Lierre Sauvage a try.


  6. I’m using Lierre Sauvage in an FPR Dilli and I absolutely love it (enough to forego my heretofore preferred Waterman Violet, at least for some uses). But based on your experience, I think I may give Diamibe Emerald a try. Thanks for your continued and very helpful observations.


  7. Yes, I am definitely in Green Mode, especially with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner. My current picks are the never-changing Pelikan M400 White Tortoise with R&K Alt Goldgrün (the green stripes and the ink work together so well with the white body and gold detailing) for a vintage feel, & a Danitrio Sho-Hakkaku in Ki-dame inked with Kobe 19: Minatogawa Lime (very bright, happy orange and light green, chipper and sunny and bold)!

    Green’s a funny color to write with—I’m more particular about its shades and hues than say, blue, which is probably why I only have three green inks. Brighter and lighter seems to appeal to me more in this color category.


  8. I am a green hoarder, and most of them are dark greens or murky greens. Right now, I am trying to expand a little into the brighter greens. Currently, I have a pen inked with Diamine Delamere Green; just trying it for the first time, but it’s a nice cheery green. Your writing sample reminds me that I keep meaning to try Diamine Emerald.


    • There is always room for cheery ink in my rotation. Thanks for the tip.


  9. I have Sailor Epinard in my Cross Bailey Medium and PR Spearmint in my Nemonsine Fission italic. Two very different greens, but I love them both. Your Diamine Emerald is a green I’ve considered. Your sample above is intriguing. 🙂


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