Favorite Iroshizuku Ink Poll Results


Ink lovers have spoken and the results are in for the Iroshizuku poll. Tsuki-yo and Yama-budo tied for favorite with Kon-peki just a step behind. Asa-gao came in next with Shin-kai and Ku-jaku tied for fourth place. Every color earned votes so there are no losers in this line of inks.

Polls on Inkophile are about you so I never vote in them. However, Tsuki-yo, Ku-jaku, and Syo-ro are my top three although I own bottles of fewer than half of the colors. Perhaps one I don’t own would make my short list. Ina-ho looks promising. Which one will you buy next?



  1. Thank you for the info – I’ve used Yama-budo in a Pilot Clear Demonstrator ever since a Goulet Pens jotted GP’s trademark thank you note mentioning it was Yama-budo. Based on your post, I’ll eventually give Kon-peki a go.


  2. I’m pretty happy with my current Iroshizuku inks—Tsuki-yo, Shin-Kai, Yama-budo & Ku-jaku, so at most I’d buy refills in the future. But Murasaki-shikibu does look lovely in its bottle…


  3. I think I have most of the Iroshizuku inks that I really want. Perhaps, my final purchase might be Yama-Budo.


    • “Final” until they release something new, right?


      • Yep. Pretty much! lol. =)


  4. Hopelessly late to this I’m afraid, but has given me the push to add tsuki-yo to my favorite shin-kai and to put yama-budo on the next to acquire list. Such a great family of inks, or maybe I’m just a sucker for their marketing. Anyway, thanks for a great post and fascinating blog


    • Always happy to enable my pen friends, Bob.


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