This One Puts The Competition To Shame


Admittedly a brush pen can lay down ink in a way that a fountain pen cannot, so don’t expect your trusty pen to produce such amazing shading. But you can expect better than average results with Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan ink.

The pen is a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen on Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook paper which is a warm white despite the gray look of the images. Every time I put this pen and ink combination together in my Doodle Journal the results are outstanding. Even without using a brush pen, Kiowa Pecan has made every pen it has graced look good. The only caveat is drying time, but just where the ink deposit is very thick. From a standard nib, it dries on par with comparable Noodler’s inks.

Other brown inks may get the fanfare, but Kiowa Pecan makes my top ten list ahead of all the others. Nathan really outdid himself on this creation. Yes, indeed.



  1. I’ve never used a brush pen but your post has made me order one to try out. The Kiowa Pecan ink is one of the best for Autumn colours.


    • There is a learning curve to using a brush pen, but just letting it dance across a page is satisfying enough for me. I hope you enjoy your new pen. The ink that comes in the cartridge will get you off to a good start. After a good rinse, you can fill it with any fountain pen ink. A pipette works well for me, but a syringe would do the job, too. Drying out does not seem to be a problem and the ink lasts through a lot of doodling.

      There are three more inks that have worked well in the brush pen: J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune, J. Herbin Lie de The, and Noodler’s Lexington Grey. All are good for drawing as well as being easy on the eyes. Most any paper will do though S&B is especially nice.

      So have fun, Andy. It’s a satisfying addiction.


  2. I agree about Kiowa Pecan. It was one of the many that I included in my recent brown ink sample haul. It was very well behaved in the pens I tested it in, and is so lovely once it’s on paper. I am not as adventurous as you, however. I sampled it from a LAMY Safari Fine, Medium and 1.1 italic, and didn’t go the way of the brush pen, but I did end up wishing it had a faster dry time.


    • That’s a nice assortment of test nibs. Kiowa Pecan went in a number of models before it got paired with the brush pen. It can be slow to dry, but I think it’s worth the wait. You could try it with a small watercolor brush just to get a sense of what it can do. It shows good shading on watercolor paper, too.


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