Noodler’s Pen And Ink Make A Happy Duo


Late last night the urge to refill the Noodler’s Standard Flex Pen struck. Apache Sunset hasn’t seen daylight for a long time, so this was a good opportunity to revisit an ink that has an outstanding reputation for use with a flexible nib. I was not disappointed.

Noodler’s Creaper pen and Apache Sunset ink at Amazon.



  1. so pretty! I still haven’t tried Apache Sunset. I guess I need to get with the program. =)


  2. Is the pen/ink dry? The writing sample looks a little dry to me.


    • Not dry but it was late and I was writing too fast for the nib. That caused the tracks and isn’t usually a problem for that pen. I just tried again achieving a 2mm line width without tracks. For a flexible nib, that’s impressive especially at the price point.


  3. […] Noodler’s Pen And Ink Make A Happy Duo […]


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