Pilot “New Brush” Pens Have Arrived


The Pilot “New Brush” pen was reviewed last year thanks to Leigh Reyes who sent one as a gift. At the time, they were not available in the U.S., but Jet Pens now stocks them. So if my review piqued your interest, add one to your next order along with a refill or two just in case you enjoy the pen as much as I do.

Pilot “New Brush” fine in a Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook



  1. We added these based on your suggestion! 🙂 Thanks for introducing us to awesome new products.

    — Elaine


    • Happy to add another good one to your extensive catalog, Elaine. Not only is the brush a good one for all sorts of applications, the cartridge is over-sized so running out of ink in the middle of a project won’t happen. I promise!


  2. […] According to Inkophile, new Pilot Pen USA brush pens are now available in the USA! […]


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