A Few Links Plus A Short Story


I’m on my second used Volvo and would take that wagon in a heartbeat…


  1. I used to work in the Cinema industry so have seen a fair few movies over the years … my four more unusual must watch films

    To Wong Fu, thank for everything, love Julie Newmar. … Wesley Snipes & Patrick Swayze as drag queens, fantastic

    Momento … Strange, stick with it, if you come to the same conclusion as me, not particularly the ending you want, great performance

    Battle Royale – great Japanese movie, ultra violent in parts

    City of God – the story of a Rio favela , I love Rio but this is a brutal insight into some unpleasant realities, but a fantastic film.


    • Steve, we are “industry” and have seen a majority of the films on the list or at least know of them with the exception of your addition of Battle Royale. IMDB rates it 7.8 from over 110,000 users. Not bad. Not bad at all.


      • I used to work for Universal, developing cinema companies round the world


        • Cool gig!


  2. I have seen 8 of those films.


    • Then you have much viewing pleasure ahead, Jeanne.


  3. If you are industry then there’s a great Japanese cartoon called ‘Princess Mononoke’ if you can find it which is wonderful


    • Miyasaki? The best! I’ve seen Howl several times and Ponyo and a few others, but not Princess Mononoke though I have heard of it. 550 colors in it? Hard to imagine. And then there is the cast. And the writing. And the character design…


      • Watched it in Sapporo, on Hokkaido in Northern Japan – it’s just beautiful to watch, great characterisation


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