The Good Stuff On My Desk


What I’m working on and with today.

On my desk

Paperblanks Journal
Jackson’s Watercolors
Isabey Petit Gris 6234 #0 Brush
Daniel Smith 44-08 #3 Kolinsky Brush
Autopoint Mechanical Pencil
Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook
Tomoe River paper from PaperForFountainPens.com
Noodler’s Standard Flex Pen with Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses
Pilot Prera with Plumix medium (italic) nib and Noodler’s Black
Sheaffer Taranis with Diamine Steel Blue
Platinum #3776 music nib with Diamine Sepia
All overseen by a cloisonne bird that belonged to my mom



  1. I really enjoy those little birds. I’m glad they have started to make some appearances in the photos.


    • Aren’t they cute? And as pets, they are so easy to maintain.


      • Totally cute! No chirping and they will stay wherever you put them. I’d like to get some for myself! Seeing as they were your mom’s, it would probably be hard to find ones like them now. Definitely the cutest I’ve seen.


        • Those birds were purchased at least 20 -25 years ago. Try vintage cloisonne birds at Etsy or eBay if you are interested in owning a few. The newer pieces are often crudely done, but those from even a few years ago have much more delicate detail work. When I have some extra $, I would like to add to the few pieces I inherited. Of course, that would come after pens and ink.


  2. Beautiful pens for today 🙂

    Did you order your Prera with an italic nib or you changed it yourself?


    • Thank you. I swapped the original fine nib for a Plumix nib several years ago. The Plumix is labeled medium, but it certainly writes like an italic. The flow was poor so I opened the slit. It has some scratches from my ministrations, but at least for today the flow is good. The black ink fro an ivory pen is rather elegant if simple and I like the duo very well indeed.


      • Thank you for the explanation. Maybe I’ll try something similar 😀


  3. That’s a very well laid-out shot of those goodies. Also, Happy Up coming Birthday.


    • Photography is not my forte, but one has to get lucky on occasion. Thanks for the birthday wish for Monday. I am sure it will be very low key as in “move along – nothing to see here.” 🙂


  4. Thinking of investing in the #3776 with music nib.

    It looks like a lovely wide line but have you got any comments/feedback before I buy?



    • Here are a few posts that mention the music nib. Search Fountain Pen Network for more opinions before you buy. Other companies make music nibs, so go for the one with the form factor that suits you best.


      • Thanks – that has helped … Just Rhodium or Gold to decide on now – plus the ink but having seen your use of Diamine Sepia, I’m thinking I might go for Iroshizuku fugu-gaki


        • Hope you like your Falcon. Nibs.com has them for $144. Both inks are pretty colors. Can’t go wrong with either one.


  5. Looking at buying a #3776 with music nib

    Having never written with a music nib, have you any comments/feedback on it before I buy ?




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