The New Wahl-Eversharp Fountain Pen


Once upon a time, I owned a couple of vintage Wahl-Eversharp fountain pens. The nibs were lovely, but eventually those lever-fillers got sold in favor of pens that were  easier to clean. The nibs have never been forgotten. Soft-flex and smooth in a light-weight pen and perfect for long sessions. This past week I was delighted to learn that Syd Saperstein, the #1 cheerleader for vintage Wahl-Eversharp, has resurrected the brand with nibs that have a soft-flex feel. Despite a lack of experience with the new version, I trust Syd from past experience as he did an excellent job of repairing my vintage pens. If you want to give a flexible nib a try, a Wahl-Eversharp could be just the thing.

Oh, and now that they are produced as cartridge/converter fillers, a Wahl-Eversharp fountain pen is on my wish list even if there isn’t a flex stub in the line-up. Maybe in future…

Syd via LinkedIn: “Admittedly I am prejudiced in favor of our new nibs. We had to start with a middle of the flex range semi flex due to trying to meet most peoples needs with the first offerings. It compares favorably to the vintage semi flexes except we computer designed the new feed to supply oodles of ink to the nib making it flow great. The feta mic coating makes them smooth too. We get LOTS of compliments from owners and testers at shows. Check out the video reviews on FP Geeks or the one on our home page.”

Vanness Pen Shop has most of the line of Wahl-Eversharp pens in stock as well as free shipping for orders over $35.

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