Pantone Color of the Year for 2014


Pantone hath spoken…


  1. Pretty! I like that color!


    • Do you know of an ink that matches it?


      • I was going to ask you, Inkophile! Haha. Violette Pensee does look the closest to my knowledge. I tried to photograph it but it views more blue on my camera, although in person it is closer to the Pantone color.


        • Also maybe:
          – Caran D’Ache: Storm (you included this on a previous post of your favorite inks), but it is more muted.
          – De Atramentis Pearl Violet looks like it could be a contender from some online pics, but I don’t have a sample to test myself.

          I think Pensee is the lead contender.


          • My collection doesn’t even come close to including all the purples on the market so there might be something available that is an exact match. But out of the ones I do have, J. Herbin Violette Pensee, Waterman Violet and Rohrer & Klingner Cassia look the most like the Pantone swatch as viewed on my monitor.


        • My monitor skews blue so that makes it hard to be certain. It is called orchid which ought to say something about the color. Or then maybe not. 😉


  2. Violet Pensee from Herbin?


    • Pensee looks more blue in the light at my desk. Montblanc Violet looks closer, but daylight is better for color matching. I will look at some swatches tomorrow. Another other suggestions?


  3. Yes, I was wondering as well if there is an ink that matches it.


    • Chime in if you have any nominees.


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