About Buying Fountain Pen Converters


Fountain pens that use converters need fewer repairs than other types of filling systems. If that converter fails, just pop in a new one. No need for a trip to a repair person and that saves time and money.

However, a single converter plus shipping can be ridiculously expensive. Buying extras for back-up is a good investment, especially if you own multiple pens from a manufacturer. My stock of Pilot converters will fit any of my Pilot pens. Same goes for my Lamy pens and Levenger True Writers. For single pens, I buy two converters since the occasional one will leak even fresh from the box.

Stocking up on those extra converters is a good way to push an order of ink up to the free shipping threshold offered by Vanness Pen Shop, Jet Pens and other retailers. If your company offers such a deal or you know of a company that does, please add that info to the comments. Thanks fellow inkophiles!

Update: Pen Chalet has one of those free shipping offers, too.


One comment

  1. Great post! Most of my pens use the same type of converter for the reasons you mentioned. Picking up a spare converter every time you order ink or other stuff is an easy way to make sure that you always have enough in stock.


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