November Pens And Inks


Too many pens, but that happens when testing ink. The pens are in the same order as the written sample. Thinking ahead, I loaded the red Lamy Safari with Diamine Emerald ink. Red pen/green ink. Well, at least I am amused by it. Emerald was my first green ink and remains a favorite. Next up will be a brown ink, either Noodler’s or Diamine, and a burgundy. Must empty a few pens first. Ten is too many even for an inkophile.

Pen and Inks fo November

The paper is Rhodia and is excellent for ink tests.

So that’s what’s on my desk. What’s on yours?



  1. Emerald is a nice color. What is the #4 pen? Looks like another Levenger?


    • Yep, that’s a Mink TW that was released November, 2002. That is the one with a custom cursive italic nib. I have a fine nib, too. It might get filled with Diamine Chocolate Brown when another pen runs dry. Do you have a TW?


      • No, the TW has not made it into my collection yet.


        • It isn’t a dainty pen and might be a bit larger than your other pens. Swapping nibs is a nice feature, but the variety is limited. Decent ones can be found on eBay should you like one of the retired colors. I don’t need another TW, but I would like an Abalone. Someday…


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