A Moleskine, A Pelikan, And Waterman Ink


Did the Moleskine, the Pelikan, and Waterman ink play well together?

Moleskine, Pelikan M400, and Waterman Florida Blue ink

Not bad at all.

To be accurate, that is a Moleskine reporter notebook, a Pelikan M400 (not a 600) sporting a fine nib adjusted to increase the flow, and Waterman Florida Blue ink. There is a very mild amount of feathering, but only noticeable on close inspection. Ink flowed along some of the fibers, but that is typical of Moleskine’s performance with fountain pen ink.

Writing sample of Waterman Florida Blue ink on Moleskine

Back in my small notebook, on-the-road, Moleskine days, Noodler’s Black and Quink Blue-Black were my standard inks. Both performed admirably so I had no clue there were feathering issues with the paper. WFB would have been a good choice to round out my color rotation. These days Waterman Blue-Black would replace Quink, and added to NB and WBBk, would make a good trio for the persnickety paper.

The surprise was that the free-flowing Pelikan nib worked so well. I expected the flow would make a mess of my writing, but not so. It’s quite legible. My handwriting is somewhat large, but the fine nib is better suited to the paper’s narrow line width than my usual writing from broad and stub nibs. Now I’m having second thoughts about exchanging the nib for a wider one.

The pen is on the small size for me at 125mm capped, but I adjusted quickly thanks in part to the light weight. Writing was stress-free which would make long sessions very manageable. In part that’s attributable to the ink, to give credit where it is due. Another ink that could be perfect with the pen is Iroshizuku asa-gao, but that will have to wait for the next fill.

Did the Pelikan with WFB tame the Moleskine? Enough that I would take them on the road. Now where did my keys go…



  1. Serenity Blue…what else could it be for such a beautiful pen?


  2. Great review, thanks! I am not usually a big Moleskine fan but this looks good. Must admit I read the title and thought, “Hmm…a Moleskin, a Pelikan, and Waterman Ink walked into a bar…” 😉


    • I had that thought, too. 😀


  3. After about 10 Moleskines, I’ve given up on the product. The quality of the paper has degraded so much over the years, vis-a-vis fountain pens, that I’ve stopped trying to make excuses for the notebooks.

    I’ve switched to Quo Vadis Artist Series Notebooks. Hopefully, these won’t let me down


    • So true. My journals from ten years ago were much more ink tolerant, but today there are far more products from which to choose. At least in that regard, things have improved.


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