November 1st Is Fountain Pen Day!


Give your fountain pens some extra love in honor of their special day. A twirl around your journal or a proper cleaning will do. Or expand your collection by placing an order at your favorite retailer. Some are offering discounts or special prices for the occasion. C’mon. You know you want another pen and what better excuse than Fountain Pen Day!


  1. I need NO encouragement to purchase additional fountain pens, having just acquired a very nice Sheaffer Valor, have an order in for a Pilot Falco (soft fine) and am currently tweaking a Noodlers Ahab and Konrad demonstrator along with my regulars, Yard-o-Led Viceroy Standard plain, YoL Retro Standard, Pilot Vanishing Point/Capless, Sheaffer Targa (Italic Nib) all filled with different Diamine colours……

    think I need therapy, or a fatter bank account!!


    • I vote for a fatter bank account!


  2. I bought a new pen. Have you ever heard of a Zebra fountain pen. You know the company that makes great ball point pens? It is called the V301. I hope it will be a durable, everyday carry. We will see. 🙂


    • Not familiar with that one. Hope it meets your needs. 🙂


  3. I have been reading about the Lamry pen. It works with any kind of inks and Golden High Flo acrylics. I am saving up to go to the Art Store, Syracuse, NY, again next week.


    • Lamy makes several fountain pen models and with a variety of nibs. All are good with any brand of fountain pen ink, but not acrylic paint. It is too thick and dries too fast for pen use. It will ruin your pen in no time at all. Calligraphy ink is not recommended either. Use that with dip pens only. As it is water soluble, I have diluted watercolor paint for use with a dip pen. It can be challenging to get the paint dark enough, but it is worth it for some projects.


      • check again on lamry, please? i think golden’s new high flow is supposed to work


        • If you are referring to acrylic paint, even the Golden website does not list fountain pens as safe with that line. The images show a dip pen and the copy mentions technical pens. Those are quite different from fountain pens.


          • thanks for your advice


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