Montblanc Ink Has The Blues – Black, Too


Montblanc is expanding its ink offering to more permanent colors with the addition of a blue and a black that are iron gall based. Given the new ink is intended for use in MB pens, these inks ought to be relatively safe in any fountain pen.

Midnight Blue is being reformulated to a less permanent version. If you like the current Midnight Blue, stock up now. Inventory is already running low at many stores. Expect the new inks to be on the shelves in the next month or so.

For those who are not familiar with iron gall, read So What’s The Deal With Iron Gall Ink? Montblanc has a good record of producing trouble-free ink and the new releases are not likely to disappoint. Especially where Noodler’s is not readily available, the new MB inks could be just the thing when permanence is critical.


  1. Good news. Great to see iron gall inks get a wider audience – as I am sure this will do.
    I will certainlytry some if I see it locally.
    Currently I am using iron gall black for FP made locally (to me anyway) by Abraxas of Basel. He will post internationally.
    It is a great ink, but a little paler black than Koh-i-Noor FP black.
    I gather the iron gall inks darken with time, but I hav not noticed that.


  2. I really like the current MB Midnight Blue and am sorry to see it go.


    • You are not alone, kp, which explains why sops are running low on inventory and aficionados are stocking up.


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