Back To Work With My New Puppy


After a month with no computer and limited access to email, Inkophile is back to work. My new puppy, an HP g6 laptop purchased for peanuts and a couple of jelly beans, is going to take some house training. A more comfortable keyboard would go a long way toward increasing production and there is a slim, sexy solar powered one from Logitech that would be a joy to use. It has moved to the number two slot on my list of must-have tools, just behind the Canon printer/scanner.

In the meantime, I have my daughter’s old Canon PowerShot A700 camera to take photos of ink tests rather than my usual scans, but that should do nicely. I’m looking forward to a bottle of Sailor Gentle Ink in Ultramarine Purple from Jet Pens to get back into writing reviews. There are four other posts that could distract me while I wait for my Sailor to arrive, so at least one of them should get completed in the next couple of days.

If you follow Inkophile on Twitter or Google+, well, it might be a few days before I return to those haunts. A month of backlog will take a bit to catch up, so send email (inkophile *at* gmail.com) or post in the comments below if there is anything that needs immediate attention. Suggestions for post topics would be welcome, too.

Now I’m off to work on that backlog. Be back soon.


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