Updating My Last Update


Still looking for a laptop that fits my budget and my needs. Here and there I get a few minutes on this funky Toshiba with the broken keyboard. Writing a post is not an option, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t reviews in the works. In fact there are two on my desk right now – incomplete but progressing.

I could use your help. First of all, the Samsung ATIV Book 2 would do both for work and for play as well as be easy on my eyes. All to the good,  but to bring it down to budget, I need to supplement my funds. If you feel like giving away a bit of coin, click the donation button. Or make me an offer on a pen from my sale page or on a pen you’ve read about here. Other than a few custom nibs and a couple of the Platinums, most any other pen can find a new home. Thanks for any help you can offer.

To continue to scan ink samples, a printer/scanner is a necessity and there are a couple that might be good. The Epson XP-600 and the Canon Pixma MG6320 seem to be the best of the lot and with discounts fall within my budget. Do you have experience with either one?

Any help you could offer would be very much appreciated. See you next time I can get online.



  1. I may be getting to this a bit late– but GET THE CANON. My 10 year old Pixma combination printer/scanner/copier outperforms the $2000 Epson scanner in the art department at my last college.


    • Thanks for the recommendation. I was looking at the Canon MG6320 today. Seems like it will do the job, and for $130 at Office Depot, it won’t break the budget. Yea!


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