Just In Case You Wondered What Happened


Yep, I’ve been scarce at Inkophile as well as on Twitter and Google+, but I’ve got a great excuse. No my dog didn’t eat my work! It’s worse. My 12-year-old computer finally told me to find a new mate. Heck, most marriages don’t last that long. So I’ve been working on a borrowed laptop for a few minutes each day – not enough to write a real post but enough to get off a quick one before I go back to researching budget laptops. Wish me luck!

As for fountain pens, I did a major cleaning two days ago and reduced my rotation to one lonely Pelikan M215 stub nib and Sailor Sky High ink. It feels really strange to have only one choice, although that is hardly a choice. One of the Platinum  pens will get a fill once a single ink emerges as the next one to use. It’s fun to flip through my ink book or look at the bottles on the shelf for a stand out. It is all too easy to indulge in blue. There are so many nice ones, soothing, and non-offensive. Sky High will do for that color. Ink #2 will be teal, turquoise, brown, burgundy or purple. Yes, an injection of color will be just the thing to close out the summer.

See ya when I get my new laptop up and running!



  1. Wow – 12 years out of computer – you did really well. I hope you are back up and running quickly.


  2. Longest I ever managed on a PC was 10, though Dad & I got 17 years out of my old Mac Plus in the days before the Internet.

    Good luck with the hunt! I’m slowly drifting back to Apple products now I don’t have corporate IT to keep happy.


    • Got access to a laptop for a couple of minutes and wanted to let you know that the hunt may have taken a left turn. A new laptop with the specs I need is over my budget. Not that I want a Samsung, but some of their displays have a matte surface which is much better for me than a highly reflective monitor. The upshot is that I may have to go computer-less far longer than I expected. Looks like my pens are going to get a lot of use for the foreseeable future.


  3. Funny. The same thing happened to me a week ago. Thank God for pens and ink.


    • Harriet, are you going to buy another computer or do without?


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