A Fountain Pen For MacGyver


For those not familiar with MacGyver, the character was an exceedingly clever manipulator of bits and bobs who spent seven years vanquishing dastardly villains with charm and a scientific mind that would have made Sherlock Holmes jealous.  He was a secret agent without a gun, but armed with intelligence, a far more potent weapon at least in TV land. During the show’s run, women swooned over Richard Dean Anderson. Who wouldn’t want a handsome, MacGyver on hand in case of emergency – any emergency.

Surfing for a little distraction last night, I chanced upon an old episode and stayed for two scenes in which he plied his trade. Watching him make good use of the tools at hand, I wondered which fountain pen would hold up to such use and abuse. Funny that I received an email from Fahrney’s Pens today announcing just such a pen, the Porsche Design P’3135 Solid Titanium Fountain Pen. They say it is “virtually indestructible with a scratch proof PVD coating.” Sounds like just the fountain pen for a fix-it kind of guy.

Disclosure: I became acquainted with Anderson’s dad Stuart before MacGyver hit the airwaves. That megawatt smile and effortless charm are hereditary and he was a proud papa even then. But what really counts is whether the son can play a mean, upright bass like his dad. I would prefer that over a MacGyver any day.


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  1. Yet people forget the T1 was something of a disaster, beset by prodution and useage problems and exceeding the capabilities of Parker at the time, but it morphed into the (rather less attractive) Parker 50 and was superbly echoed in the M90 ( – who needs titanium) itself having antecedents in the Myu701 from the early 1970’s


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