More Colors For That Doodle Journal


Watercolor straight from a tube or pan is rich and vibrant. All you need is right there – quick and easy.

Vibrant Watercolors from Daniel Smith

But what if you want a shade that isn’t in your kit? Mixing something new from the paints at hand is a delight for a color lover. And I say indulge, indulge, indulge!

Just to whet your appetite, the first image below shows swatches of the paints in one of my simple kits. It consists of eight vibrant colors, three earth colors, and neutral tint which can be used to mute or tone down other colors. It’s a limited palette but look at the following images to see only some of the variations that can be mixed using eleven of the twelve colors. Neutral Tint is a subject unto itself and explored in the last image mixed with a variety of watercolors – not just those in this kit.

A Twelve Color PaletteWatercolor MIxes - Part 1Watercolor Mixes, Part 2Watercolor Mixes, Part 3Neutral Tint Watercolor

Note that the new colors were produced by mixing just two colors. Not that more can’t be mixed together, but for the purpose of creating a swatch, two produces a clearer new color. The simple formula is also easier to replicate for later use.

If using watercolor doesn’t interest you, there are some lovely, wide markers than can be used to color your doodles. Copic offers a gorgeous palette with pens that are sold separately, so you can choose the few that make you the most happy. Ice Ocean, BG72, and Green Gray, BG93, do it for me.

Pentel Pocket Brush Pen Over Copic Green Gray Marker

Pentel Arts Color Pen comes in a 36 color set that should satisfy any need for color. No skill or practice required. Just pick one up, put it to paper, and off you go!

Pentel Arts Color PenWant to use your fountain pen ink to colorize your doodles? A cotton swab works great and, when dipped only once, will not risk contaminating that prized bottle of ink. Easy color from what you already own. What could be better!


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