Another Shop Bites The Dust


Yes, another longtime provider of all things pen and ink closed its doors as of 3 PM yesterday. Art Brown in New York has decided “the rent was too damned high” and ended its 90 year run. I hope the family finds another niche in the community. No doubt they will be welcomed in any capacity.


  1. Wow, I just shopped there on Thursday, and I don’t remember there being a sign or any indication they were closing!


    • Hope you loaded up on goodies. I wonder what they are going to do with the remaining inventory?


  2. I’ve been dealing with Brown’s for many years and always said, “if you can’t find it anywhere else, Art Brown’s will have it”. Another example of New York’s greedy landlords destroying the very fabric of a community. Soon there will be nothing but Staples and Office Depot which I akin to McDonald’s and Burger King and which I refuse to go into.


    • That is an excellent analogy, and the same reasons I use none of those establishments.


  3. Now this is a sad day in the pen community.


    • Indeed, it has cast a pall over the day. Wish there was some good news to offset it.


  4. So sad to hear the news. I will have to cross off the list another place to visit next year in New York. I bought my first Namiki Falcon from them and a host of Noodler’s inks (including all of their Exclusives). I hope that they can reopen somewhere.


    • Given the inventory remaining on shelves, they could have an online presence and attend shows for a decent length of time. No word on their future plans yet. One can hope.


  5. […] you and both spaces. I’ve been coming to terms with the news since I first learned of your final closing and then read further confirmation. I feel the loss of each small business, each […]


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