Hobbled By Your Pen Hobby?


Are you in need of a holiday from your hobby? There are times of the year when maintaining my pens is a chore – not the joy it should be. That’s when I dust off my self-discipline and put most of my pens away. The limited rotation does feel restrictive with so few nibs and colors to hand but it certainly is liberating.

How’s this for simple: a Platinum #3776 Music Nib plus three test pens, two of which aren’t even inked at the moment. For now only Diamine Mediterranean Blue and Stipula Sepia are in use. The empty pens will get a burgundy or purple and a blue-green ink.

There are several ink samples on hand that I have yet to put through their paces but they can wait. Anticipation is half the fun, no? And a hobby isn’t fun if it weighs you down. Go light and enjoy it more.

Platinum #3776MU and Baoer 8 Horses Pens

A Platinum #3776 music nib (my review) with Diamine Mediterranean Blue and a copper Baoer 8 Horses custom italic on Rhodia dotPad No 16. A review of the Baoer will post in a few days.



  1. This is what I do, much to the amusement of my children, I iron all my shirts, polish my shoes, and rinse out all my used fountain pens on a Sunday evening. Monday morning I select and fill three pens, A blue, a black and a sepia, for my journals. I alternate the inks each day for ease of flicking through to separate the days. They think I am OCD, but I see it as a calming discipline on a quiet Sunday evening, just me my my iPod whilst the rest of the country fill their heads with meaningless drivel from the TV.


    • Ron, you are wise to keep your rotation so manageable. I really like a three-pen rotation especially when the nibs are quite different but I am truly best satisfied when varying the colors. Inks have different properties and alternating those can add to the appeal, too. What counts is that you enjoy your hobby and it certainly sounds like you do.


  2. I ran with six pens in use (one Penvelope Six worth) for three months but found it too limiting so I am back to twelve in use (two Penvelope Six worth) – I just need to write more less typing/tapping!!


    • More writing/less typing? Indeed!


  3. I was on a penvelope 6 as well until my last two pens went BIG and won’t fit easily in there so now I have separate cases for them and the Penvelope 6 is full again. I need to scale back as I just don’t write that much to rotate the inks out regularly.


    • Six pens isn’t such a huge number. That’s manageable compared to the dozen or more some of us will let overtake us. Then evaporation empties my pens faster than I do! Dried ink in nibs and the extra effort it takes to clean them is another good reason to keep a rotation lean. But then there are all those inks sending enticing vibes. What’s an inkophile to do but succumb to the siren’s song.


  4. For me, it’s so freeing to just grab a Lamy Safari and a Lamy black cartridge and just write. Cartridges aren’t as special as bottled ink, but sometimes I just need the easiness and simplicity they provide!


    • I can so relate to the black cart is simple idea, Beth. My black marble Levenger True Writer does that very well and I even have a black stand for it so I don’t have to uncap it for each use. Ah, the joy of basic black.


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