Sweet Deal on Iroshizuku Ink


At around $20 per bottle plus free shipping, now is the time to grab a few bottles of Iroshizuku on Amazon. You may have to order more than one item to qualify for free shipping, but isn’t it worth it?


  1. But beware! Once you click on ordering, additional 4-5 delays on top of the usual shipping apply. So those of us travelling can’t count on the usual shipping times.

    Still a good deal, tho’, if you’ve got plenty of time to wait.


    • “4 or 5 delays”? I missed that part. Some ink ships from Amazon and some from Santa Trading Japan. Either way the low price makes Iroshizuku affordable for some folks who would never pay full price. But if you are in a hurry, Jet Pens might be the way to go.


  2. Your ink reviews never cease to amaze me. Great writing, literally and figuratively. As a result, great review! Asa-Gao has been one of my favorites for sometime now.


  3. […] tip to Inkophile for the heads up! $21 per […]


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