Seeing Red – Ink That Is


No true red in this lot but they are the red inks I use most often.

Red Inks with Bottles

Red Ink Swatches

Diamine Monaco Red Ink

Diamine Monaco Red Ink Written Sample

What is your favorite red ink?

Diamine Vermillion Swatch

Thank you Tessa Maurer for images 2-5. The out of focus one at the top that required the most editing was my doing using Tessa’s old camera. Obviously, I have a lot to learn.


  1. Very nice reds.
    I personally have Sheaffer Skrip Red and Diamine Matador in regular rotation, they are quite dependable well-behaved inks.
    I also use Diamine Red Dragon occasionally.

    I like Monaco Red in your pictures, but I see the darker shades didn’t appear when used with a Platinum Music pen.


  2. Of the choices, the Monaco Red is my favorite


    • What red do you use?


  3. I enjoy reds but have to be careful where I use them at work. I like Diamine tints Strawberry and their Matador.


  4. Some lovely reddish inks. I have Noodler’s Cayenne in rotation at the moment. Favourites include Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock, Noodler’s Tiananmen and Noodler’s Fox


  5. I love Herbin’s reds, Rouge Opera, Rouge Bourgone & Rouge Caroubier are all lovely, though more pink than red. I’m also a big fan of De Atramentis Rose and Kermesin, and Private Reserve’s Vampire red.


  6. While I dont use red that often, my personal favourite is Noodler’s Widowmaker. After reading this post, I am very tempted to try the Mona and Tianmen reds. Thanks for the useful post, as always!


    • Welcome. Happy to be an ink enabler. 🙂


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