Inky Goodness In The Small Size


If you haven’t taken advantage of the ink samples available at Goulet and I Sell Pens, do so. It’s a great way to indulge in some inky goodness without loading your shelves with a gazillion bottles or draining your wallet of too much of that hard-earned cash.

This lot arrived less than a week ago and several inks already show promise. The first to get a call to duty was Diamine Oxblood in a black marble Levenger True Writer F. I wrote one sentence and it deserted me for my daughter. Hrumph!

Next Iroshizuku chiku-rin will get a twirl with a Lamy Vista 1.1 nib. That clear barrel will show off the green to good advantage. My other Vista will enjoy either Iroshizuku kosumosu or Noodler’s Shah’s Rose.

So much for my limited summer rotation vow but you knew that was destined for failure, right?

Ink Samples

Tested on Strathmore Windpower Sketch with a dip pen.



  1. You have converted me! I am getting myself some samples. Kosumosu and Shah’s Rose are gorgeous! I’ll have to add a few others to my list as well…

    How long do the sample sizes usually last you? Do they keep well in the alternate bottles? (I’ve had some ink samples not do so well in the plastic sample bottles.)


    • Samples are a great way to get acquainted with an ink. Depending on the volume, usually 3-5 ml, I can get several fills. Most of mine are in plastic bottles and have not degraded or tuned moldy even after four or five years on my shelf. As long as the bottles are sealed well, they should last long enough to use up without going bad. You may need pipettes to get the last few drops which you can squirt into your Estie. Converters are also easy as are empty cartridges for that last little bit of inky goodness.


      • Does Kosumoso look like it does in the scan?


        • It may have less blue and a tad more yellow. In other words, it seems slightly warmer to me but my monitor skews green which makes color accuracy challenging. I think of poodle skirts and cotton candy when I look at it. Paperskater on FPN sells samples of it if you can’t find it elsewhere.


  2. Lovely colours. I will to have to add the two Diamines to my list to buy. I have all the others in “big bottles” :). I am a fan of the colour Shah’s Rose from a fine nib I even used it at the office for some non-formal correspondence.


    • Shah’s Rose almost looks red in some lighting conditions. The Diamine inks look more different in the swatches than in the writing samples. My daughter got some Oxblood on her hand and it did look like blood which can be cool or creepy depending on your point of view.


  3. Nice picks. I’m an Oxblood fan so now seeing them side by side I will be adding the Syrah very soon. Guess I will add to the mountain of empty vials I already have and can bare to throw away. Thanks for the ideas!


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