Lego, Calligraphy, And Other Links


The X-Wing is stunning but so is the possibility of charging a cell phone in 20 seconds!

Just learned some people don’t want to have links to them on Inkophile. Shocking, I know. Links posts like this one can easily be edited should you want a link removed. The same applies to the sidebar. Just add a comment to the post containing the link or send me an email if you want a link in the sidebar removed.



  1. Who wouldn’t want to be on Inkophile?! What an honor it would be!

    Thanks for these links – off to check out Lettering vs. Calligraphy!


    • To be sure, not everyone appreciates links. In its latest TOS, FPN requires members to be approved plus pay FPN if they want to post links to their blogs. As a result I removed my blog link from my signature. Come to think of it, I haven’t posted there since.

      Links going in every direction are inevitable on the web. Stealing content is wrong but limiting links is down right silly. But if people want to be silly, I am happy to laugh at them. 😀


      • Wow. Thanks for the heads up on the blog link thing. Think I better go read that more carefully. Mine is not a commercial enterprise by any stretch of the imagination (heck, it’s been barely alive recently, a state I hope to remedy soon); I can’t imagine why it’d be objectionable…and I’ve found a lot of fun blogs through people referring to theirs in posts and sig lines.


        • I had hoped I was wrong but checked out a large number of posts to see if other bloggers had removed their links. Sad to see almost no one had a link any longer. In addition, the TOS state that content may not be posted on both the board and at a blog. In other words, one or the other but not both. I’ve posted the same image on both sites at times but no longer. If I’m going to put the time and effort into creating an image or writing about pens and inks, it will go on Inkophile even if fewer people will see it.

          It’s worth reading the latest version of the TOS. It’s the best way to stay out of trouble. 😉


      • Ditto what Sheila said. As for FPN, I’d rather not risk that with my sig… removed my link too. I feel like our pen community (and associated items/blogs) should be all about link love! I’ve found so many wonderful blogs and sites through Inkophile and other places. Alas, to each his (or her) own I guess.


        • I agree that it should be about pens and inks. Links make connecting with others and learning more about the hobby so much easier than everyone having to do individual research. We are a community after all.

          Do have a look at the TOS if you haven’t already. Maybe you’ll find something I missed.


          • I too removed the links to my site from my FPN signature. The changes to the TOS are slight too draconian for my tastes.


            • Dave, that’s a good word for it. Will you continue to post there? While they need knowledgeable members to participate, there are always those who will voice opinions when newbies ask for help. As Bruno noted, most of us just fade away form the awareness of the collective. At least there are a few other places to play and it would be good to help them grow into venues with different emphases than the older fora. Something for everyone, eh?



              • I have continued to post but only in response to some of my existing threads. I doubt if I will start threads like I once did. After reading the some of the threads on FPGeeks about how people were treated there I don’t have the some gusto for the FPN forum. I never liked how threads were just deleted from view on the whim of the moderators – that just doesn’t sit right with me. Oh well enough of a rant from me. Least we do have other venues still to converse about our hobby/addiction 🙂


                • At one point, I thought I was having memory problems but then found out about the disappearing thread trick. Nowadays, if I can’t find a thread, I just assume it met the same fate as the dodo bird. 😉


  2. Once we decide to publish anything –that is, to make it public– we cannot object to anybody mentioning what we said, or using it as a reference in other publications. Of course, all within the limits of fair use and attribution.

    And if we did not want that use, we better not make our creation public.

    So, if you refrain from linking those contents whose authors did not like the link, you do that just out of politeness and not out of any legal or moral obligation. And you being polite is something we all knew.

    A different issue is the actual policy of FPN. But that is plain silly, and I will quote mysef –if you graciously allowed me to: http://estilofilos.blogspot.jp/2013/05/noise.html

    Thanks for your hard work.




    • Hello Bruno,

      Thanks for the remarks and link to your post about fountain pen fora. The link on your blog to the post at Peaceable Writer loops back to your site. The URL to her post is now at http://peaceablewriter.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/forums/.

      Your comment here combined with your post and those to which your post links made interesting reading with my morning cup of Earl Grey tea. It got cold twice as my attention got absorbed by the lengthy exchange between Deb and David at GoodWritersPens.com. For years both have impressed with breadth of knowledge as well as the beautifully restored pens they have offered. I’ve linked to both in the past and will do so again no doubt.

      As for pen fora, seven years of observation have proved there is room for everyone but not necessarily everywhere. FPN has a wealth of good information for newbies and old-hands alike. However, the restrictions can be infuriating and that has reduced my participation to near zero for the past few years. Now that I cannot use an image on my blog if I post it on FPN and I cannot post a link to my blog in my signature, well, that just kills it for me. Maybe those changes aren’t new and I missed them in the past. But now that I know about the policies, I will stick to my little corner at Inkophile and post here.

      My appreciation for your blog has grown as you’ve been willing to write about a difficult subject. Not that I don’t enjoy the posts and pen images, like the one of the Grandee music nib, but there is more to the hobby than pens. There is community and the free flow of information – people and ideas. Writing about that is worthwhile, too.



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