An Esterbrook 9128 Has A Date With Namiki Blue Ink


Namiki Blue ink is the standard ink for more than a few fountain pen users. It even works well at flex writing. But there’s a catch and it will be a deal-breaker for some pens.

Namiki Blue, Esterbrook Deluxe Pen, Miguelrius Notebook

The deep blue color leans slightly blue-black which makes it suitable for almost any business environment. Mild shading and outlining make this ink intriguing to use. It exhibits average show-through on Miguelrius from a fine nib but significant show-through with a wet nib. That performance is comparable to other pens and inks so I wouldn’t mark it down for either. Many inks dry a second or two faster so Namiki Blue might not be a first choice for lefties but I am not a good judge of that.

Esterbrook Deluxe and Parker '51' Aerometric

There is one caveat. My Esterbrook Deluxe SM, the model that closely resembles my navygray Parker ’51’ Aero, now has several Namiki Blue ink stains. Not a pretty sight. So be careful when using it in a pale colored pen.

Namiki Blue on Miguelrius

Last night the 9128 flex nib got properly acquainted with Miguelrius paper. Very nice, indeed. The nib has an extremely sharp tip but the combination of ink and paper tamed its tendency to dig in too much. The ink flow is just right and did its best to prevent any railroad tracks. Not that the nib doesn’t deserve the lion’s share of the credit, but a helpful ink is, well, helpful.

Too bad the staining issue will keep Namiki Blue and the Estie from future dates. It was fun while it lasted.

Namiki Blue Ink


  1. Lovely article, and handwriting! I will definitely put Namiki Blue on my wish list now. Thank you.


  2. Thanks for the heads up on staining. I appreciate your honest review. That’s a nice looking pen.


    • Hi Elena!

      It is a good pen and undeserving of the disfigurement. Namiki Blue is a nice ink but will be relegated to black pens in future which isn’t exactly a hardship considering how many black pens are in my collection. 😉



  3. I love Namiki Blue. I’ve only used it in cartridges. I should get a bottle sometime.

    Right now, I use it in a Pilot Knight with a Pluminix stub nib on it.


  4. This ink (along with the even nicer Blue Black) are somewhat water resistant as well 🙂


  5. Well, I may as well add this ink to my wish list now 😀


  6. I just wrote my review of this color, too. I haven’t posted it yet, but I’ll try to remember to link it to your review with a comment about the possible staining danger.

    It’s interesting that your ink looks closer to blue-black. Mine went on the page a little dark, but it dried almost denim.


    • Thanks for the link. Your color experience and mine just prove that not all batches of ink are created equal. 🙂



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