Nothing Shy About This Lot


Warmer weather always brightens my ink rotation. Orange, pink, and a paler shade of green add some fun to the hold-overs from early spring.

In addition, Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa is getting a run in the Namiki Falcon SB fire hose. So far – so good with that test. It’s a muted gray-purple that suits clouds more than unrelenting sunshine, but if it tames the beast, it will be a good choice.

  • Kyoto Levenger True Writer custom stub with Diamine Dark Brown
  • Clementine Retro 51 Scriptmaster II fine with Iroshizuku fuyu-gaki
  • Lamy AL-Star custom fine italic with Iroshizuku tsutsuji
  • Montblanc 220 OB with Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses
  • Namiki Falcon SB with Rohrer & Klinger Scabiosa
  • Namiki Falcon SF with Diamine Violet
  • Waterman Deluxe Carene Stub with Iroshizuku asa-gao
  • Platinum Century B Chartres Blue with Diamine China Blue
  • Platinum #3776 music nib with Diamine Mediterranean Blue
  • Namiki Falcon SF with Diamine Kelly Green

Ink and Pens



  1. Margana, can I ask where you got your custom stub for the Kyoto?


    • Hi John,

      A few years ago I purchased a Kyoto with a broad nib that eventually went to Mike Masuyama (MikeItWork.com) to be reground to a stub. It is very smooth and has lots of flow. So far it hasn’t met an ink it didn’t like.

      However, in my experience, the TW collars crack too easily, so I am not sure I will modify another one even though the Kyoto has become one of my favorite pens since its modification.



  2. I always enjoy your ink line-up posts, especially when they correspond to a season change. =) Comparable to your current line-up I have Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline, Caran d’Ache Sunset, Mont Blanc Lavender Purple, Diamine Meadow and Diamine Eau de Nil. I do not have any violets, oranges or browns in rotation, though. May I ask where did you purchase the Retro 51 clementine? Love it.


    • That’s a balanced rotation you have. Very nice.

      The Retro 51 Scriptmaster is a discontinued model. My usual retailers no longer stock it but you might find it on eBay.


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