An Inkophile And The Spam Folder


Spam is a total time suck. So Inkophile management has made an executive decision to dump the junk without review in favor of spending more time doing fun things like painting doodles on a mixing tray.

Akismet does so well at identifying comments from miscreants, that little, if anything, of value will get tossed. Actually, the statistics give Akismet a whopping 99.83% accuracy rate after reviewing over 86,000 comments at Inkophile. I read all of those comments just to be certain nothing of value would be deleted but no more. After getting an eyeful from a particularly noxious spam comment, I am done.

Bye, bye spam. Hello sanity!

(If you must know, the paint is a mix of Daniel Smith Manganese Blue Hue and Green Gold tube watercolors. The brush is a #5 Cosmotop that is particular impressive for controlled strokes.)



  1. I’ve heard good things about it from writers with huge followings.


    • Akismet comes with the online version of WordPress and is one of the best things about it.


  2. I never check the spam folder anyway. Life’s too short!


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