Do You Have A Signature Ink?


There is little in life that is more unique than a signature. Unlike fingerprints that are immutable from birth, we get to choose the color by which we are best known as well as the design (signature) by which we are most easily recognized. As testament, my parents have been gone many years but I can still picture their signatures quite vividly. So much else has faded but not that.

Using a real pen with real ink to sign documents may eventually go the way of the dodo bird. Until then, what do you choose in all of inkdom to make your signature memorable? If I had a bottle, Pendemonium‘s Noodler’s Legal Lapis would be mine. In its absence, Noodler’s Ottoman Azure or Diamine Mediterranean Blue will do.

Practicing a Signature

Noodler’s Ottoman Azure with a Brause dip nib and Diamine Mediterranean Blue in a Platinum #3776 Music nib doodled on Clairefontaine GraF it 90g Sketch paper. It has a slightly rough surface well suited to pencil sketching but a little less ideal for pen use. I like the way ink skips over the paper and enjoy the break from perfection found with more fountain pen friendly paper.



  1. The ink I like and use most is Diamine Teal — but I wish Noodler’s made a Polar/Bulletproof ink of EXACTLY that shade: not nearly, but EXACTLY.


  2. Leaning toward Ku Jaku in a Visconti stub


  3. Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron


  4. Noodler’s Bay State Blue


  5. Diamine Indigo, because it remind me of Junior school aged 9 or 10 and mixing Stepens blue-black powdered ink in an enamel jug and filling the classes inkwells (and that was in the 1959’s)


  6. Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa in my Lamy Studio (violet), various nibs, currently an M


  7. J. H. Rouille d’Ancre with a handblown Venetian glass dip pen. It’s such a strange color I can’t help but love it, but the shading doesn’t show up well in my Safari Fine.


  8. I’m with you–Noodler’s Legal Lapis, at least for routine things like legal documents and checks. For my real (ornamental Spencerian) signature, McCaffery’s Penman’s black with a Nikko G nib in an oblique holder made by Mike Sull.


  9. Sailor Jentle Blue.


  10. So many different signature inks. Such a diverse and unique group of writers!


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  12. Yes. I’m known for signing my name in Diamine Pumpkin. If its orange, they know its an original copy.


    • What a striking color for a signature!


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