A Burgundy By Any Other Name


Not that anyone has to have a burgundy ink in their color wardrobe, but a true inkophile does love variety. My collection is lacking a Diamine in this color range, something I intend to remedy soon with either Oxblood or Syrah.

For now, the long-discontinued Parker Penman Ruby and Noodler’s Red-Black will do while Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses is perfect for something a bit more pink. All three show a degree of shading with the right pens and good to excellent flow in any pen. None are fast drying but I like the colors so well that this quirk doesn’t deter me .

Noodler’s Tiananmen and Cayenne are my choices for red though Diamine Monaco Red is a good option for a slightly less saturated look.

Noodler’s Black Swan in English Roses would be another good addition to this group but it’s a lot more difficult to find as the good ones so often are.

Burgundy Ink

The dots are more representative of the color produced with a pen except Noodler’s Tiananmen which is less red and more rose colored than reflected in the scan.



  1. I don’t know how you count colours, but I’m trying J Herbin Rouge Opéra and I like it so far (also Larmes de Cassis, but that probably counts as a violet). Tiananmen is still my favourite, though.


    • Thanks for the reply. When I began collecting my burgundy inks together, I realized how few there were in my collection. The comparison wound up with several inks that would be considered red or even rose colored. Rouge Opera leans more pink to me and and I agree that Larmes de Cassis is in the purple range. Even reviewing online swatches of burgundy and wine colors, there aren’t that many but I will keep looking.


  2. I should choose Syrah for a burgundy, Oxblood is more a dark red that has no wine in it 🙂


    • Does Oxblood look like the swab of Penman Ruby?


  3. PR Burgundy Mist looks quite nice! It also made me think a little of Rouge Opera, but PR is definitely more burgundy.


    • Hi Erin! Yes it is more burgundy and very saturated. I like the color but want an ink that shades better. Too nit-picky, no doubt.


  4. ❤ Diamine Syrah
    it looks amazing on cream paper.


    • Thanks for the tip. How does the drying time compare to other inks? I might just have to buy at least two inks in the color range. The need to acquire never ends for an inkophile.


  5. No. It’s redder and darker, with no hints of pink in it. Penman Ruby is very close to Diamine Syrah 🙂


    • Thanks for the reply. The Diamine swatches viewed on my computer look the other way around. Now Syrah goes on my wishlist for sure.


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