Kindred Pink Fountain Pen Inks


Frankly, I was surprised to see how similar these pink swatches turned out. Claret, Solferino, and yama-budo are full-sized bottles while the others are samples. Good thing since all six would be redundant indeed.

Pink Fountain Pen Ink



  1. I actually bought Claret as a backup in case I ever ran out of Yama-budo!


    • I went the reverse and bought Claret long before yama-budo. They are different enough to enjoy both. I think Claret dries faster so it is better in wider nibs. Yama-budo is so colorful that it looks gorgeous even from a very fine nib. Which pens do you favor for them?


  2. Yama Budo does look the most different of all the samples.


    • You are right about the color, Deborah. It’s a bit more subdued than the others though it takes seeing them adjacent to each other to discern the difference. I have it in a Pilot Elite pocket pen from which it flows very well but, my oh my, is it ever pink!


  3. I´m surprised the Yama Budo looks so “pink” here… mine seem to be a great deal darker. I love using it in a XF nibbed MB No 22. Lovely, lovely colour. Thank you for sharing! What did you use to write the names of these inks?


    • The names were written with my trusty Autopoint mechanical pencil.


      • Ah, yes I thought it might be pencil, but I thought I’d just check as the coloured looked pretty along with the pink:)


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