New Line of Caran d’Ache Inks


Not good news if you like the Colors of the Earth line, but Caran d’Ache has replaced it by one called the Chromatics. We shall see whether the colors are more exciting than the retired line but I don’t think they can top Storm or Grand Canyon.

As an aside, I’m not inclined to stock up on discontinued ink in part because I only review current offerings. My ink budget is at zero so that settles whether I can snag a couple of bottles for personal use. There is very little available in the U.S. anyway. Hopefully, the new array is as good as the discontinued group. The Chromatics will be on offer soon and I look forward to your feedback on the new colors since even an inkophile can’t own every ink. No, really!



  1. Meh
    Think I’ll pass. These colors aren’t singing to me like Iroshizuku.


    • Perhaps the real ink will be more intriguing than the graphic Goulet posted. The names are so mundane though that seems to be the trend except at Noodler’s and to a lesser extent Diamine. Ink companies really need to hire some creative people to match the colors to memorable monikers. I wouldn’t volunteer but one of them could pay me to take on the task. Ready, willing, and able, folks!

      Which Iroshizuku is calling to you?


      • Almost all of them! I’m embarassed to admit I’ve bought all but a few of the pinks. Ina-Ho looks a little too much like the output of a friend’s baby, but all the others I’ve tried are gorgeous. And even the disgustingly pink Kosumusu is so well behaved that I’ve resolved to finish the bottle simply because it gets along so well with my drier stubs.

        I have a line of boxes on my supply shelf as I’m trying not to open more than 6 or so at a time.


        • Six is a healthy rotation, but then I have a dozen pens inked. At least eight are on my desk for testing purposes and that happily adds to the variety. Most of the inks are Noodler’s and Diamine. Your wealth of Iroshizuku inks is enviable but so are your pens. Do any of them not work well with Iro ink?

          I haven’t used either of the inks you mentioned but look at what Gentian can do with ina-ho. Pale inks in wide nibs are lovely so ina-ho might be just the thing for the Platinum #3776 Music nib.


  2. I read about the discontinuing of the Colors of the Earth Series and the introduction of the new line today. All I can say is that I’m really disappointed and don’t quite understand. I don’t quite see what was “wrong” with the inks they discontinued, as they seemed to have a strong following. I thought about stocking up on Caran d’Ache Sunset, because it’s my favorite. But, I don’t think I will. I’m just so mad that they’ve discontinued it that I won’t give them the satisfaction. I also understand that the new line will be quite pricey. Not sure where that rationale is coming from at all. The Colors of the Earth series was expensive for the volume, but I purchased it because I simply love the color and was certain that I would use it with pleasure. But, this seems to be even more of a stretch. That’s just me.


    • It is pretty disappointing but buying the last of the discontinued inks shows support for them. Not purchasing the new line shows a lack of support for it if that’s the statement you want to make. Not that any of the companies care what we do but I haven’t bought a bottle of Montblanc ink since Racing Green was discontinued. I’m stubborn in that way. 🙂


      • good point! =)


  3. Saffron is my favorite CdA ink. Not sure if Electric Orange will give me the same effect. I find the bottle design interesting, though. But if I had the money, it might go towards buying Iroshizuku instead.


    • Ditto on the Iroshizuku. Which color(s) would you buy?


      • I already have Yama-budo, Tsuki-yo, Kiri-same, Yu-yake and Momiji. I would add Chiku-rin!


        • That’s a good selection of colors. Tsuki-yo is one of my favorites. 🙂


          • The last three colors they released are great too. Shin Kai is a favorite. I didn’t expect to like Ama Iro but I did. Take Sumi is black. I have no need for it but leighpod loves it. 🙂


  4. I think I might buy one of the new line to try. I love the Caribbean Sea ink so I’m sad about that, but the orange looks good.


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