A Few Dusky Purple Inks


A few of my favorite inks…

Dusky Purple Fountain Pen Inks

Dusky Purple Fountain Pen Inks

If you were a fan of the old Poussiere de Lune, the newer formula does not have the same water resistance as the old formula. As Adam commented on Google+, “Bummer.”

J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune Water Resistance Test

J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune Water Resistance Test



  1. Is that the old Herbin formulation or the new? The colors seemed to shift so much once the EU stuck their regulations into the formulas.


    • Don’t get me started on the EU mandates but I do wonder if that had anything to do with Caran d’Ache retiring the Colors of the Earth line.

      The PdL swatch is from the new formula. It’s a little brighter than the original formula but I still like it.


      • I’ve wondered that myself. Ah well.

        I’m glad PdL hasn’t changed so much as to be unrecognizable. I’ve had to give up Bresil and switched over to one of the Iroshizuku browns in its place when I’m using a pen not suited to Zhivago.


        • Ah, Bresil.

          PdL is skewing a bit more red than I’d like for some uses, but it’s great on the gray Apica 6A10 paper. The Platinum #3776 Music nib is giving PdL a good test run that I’ll share when the pen review posts in a few days.


  2. What do you use to make your swatches?


    • A cotton swab was used on Strathmore Windpower Sketch paper. The spiral notebook keeps my doodles together. Er, that doesn’t sound right, does it?


  3. PdL is my favorite Herbin ink – I still have a bottle and a half of the old formula left. However I also recently bought a bottle of Diamine Damson since I like dusty purples.


    • Damson is more saturated but it’s a good one, too. Thanks for reminding me of it.


  4. The new PdL formula looked more burgundy than purple to me and I ended up giving the bottle away. Damson is a good substitute but I feel that the old PdL shades better.


    • Astute observations, Karlo. I wrote with PdL in a Platinum #3776 MU last night and there is less shading than with the old formula. The color has moved toward the red end of the spectrum if only slightly. It’s more saturated as well. While I’m not exactly the fan I was, the new formula is in keeping with recent trends toward intense color and more solid coverage. Those are not attributes I seek but they are contemporary if there is such a thing with fountain pen ink.


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