Three Noodler’s Inks – Beaver, Purple Martin, Tiananmen


Nathan Tardiff, grand master of the Noodler’s realm, never ceases to invent new colors and types of inks. For that he deserves the highest marks. But the colors that have been around for years are no less worthy of note. Dick Egolf of Luxury Brands USA kindly sent three fan faves for review. What could an inkophile do but accept the opportunity and set to work.

The trio includes Beaver, Purple Martin, and Tiananmen. Brown, purple, and red are workhorse colors so they were easy to incorporate into my rotation. My Levenger True Writers leapt at the opportunity to test new inks and away we went.

Noodler's Inks Meet Levenger True Writers

Noodler’s Inks Meet Levenger True Writers

Fair warning that my scanner lamp is dimming so colors are not as they should be. For better color renditions, go to NoodlerInk.com.

Noodler's Beaver, Purple Martin, Tiananmen

Noodler’s Beaver, Purple Martin, Tiananmen

These are clean, saturated colors. No dramatic shading or other exotic properties but the flow is especially well-suited to a fine nib on smooth paper. The True Writers were perfect mates especially on Rhodia Bloc No 16 paper. My Apica 6A10 daily journal was a good match, too. There was a small amount of feathering on Staples (pineapple) bagasse paper and in a Mead composition book with Tiananmen. Moleskine performed as expected. The full-sized image of the Mead composition book shows feathering with a number of inks. Caveat emptor on that one.

Noodler's Ink Test On Rhodia Paper

Noodler’s Ink Test On Rhodia Paper

Noodler's Ink Test On Staples Bagasse Paper

Noodler’s Ink Test On Staples Bagasse Paper

Noodler's Ink Test On Moleskine

Noodler’s Ink Test On Moleskine

Mead Comp Book Ink Test

Mead Comp Book Ink Test

Should you be as silly as I was this past month and forget that Beaver was in a pen that got no use, well, it might not start up instantly. All it took was priming the flow to get it back on track. No damage noted.

My three-pen leather case stocked with these new friends and a pad of paper would carry me through any day. Brown for work, purple for personal notes, and deep red for edits that don’t scream. Now if I could just find that pen case…



  1. Love that Purple Martin and recently bought a bottle. Very nice ink.
    Thanks for the review.


    • Yes, Purple Martin is nice ink and one I liked right from the start. It’s lovely on the gray Apica paper. 🙂


  2. Hmm I rather like the Beaver. That seems to be a new color, never heard of it before.


    • Beaver isn’t new but it’s rarely mentioned. Other Noodler’s brown inks like Walnut and #41 are discussed more often. Considering the number of inks offered by Nathan is it any wonder? 😀


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  4. I have not sampled any of the inks you’ve showcased here. I’ve been meaning to try a sample of Beaver and this post was a good nudge in that direction. =)


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