Now Might Be The Time To Try A Calligraphy Nib


Art Brown and The Ink Flow have on offer an OnLine calligraphy kit that includes three wide nibs (0.8, 1.2, 1.4) along with an assortment of cartridges to make things colorful. At half price, even if it is a plastic pen, this is a great opportunity to see if calligraphy is for you. I’ve never used an OnLine nib so I can’t vouch for quality but at the price it seems a good gamble. If you want to use bottled ink, you can refill a cart or purchase a converter. Art Brown indicates a Schmidt converter will fit but that should be verified.

Art Brown and The Ink Flow offer huge selections of bottled inks including some I use regularly like Noodler’s, Diamine, and J. Herbin plus most every other brand on the market. You just might want to include a bottle or two to sustain interest in that new hobby. If that interest wanes, your fountain pens will soak up the leftovers.

Another item I use frequently is a glass dip pen to test ink. $10.50 is a decent price so consider that as well.

I have no affiliation with Art Brown or The Ink Flow, but thought you should know about some good deals any inkophile might appreciate.



  1. I’m a calligrapher and have one of the OnLine sets (purchased from Paper and Ink Arts back when they still carried them); I find them quite serviceable. Very good pen for the price.

    I haven’t had a lot of luck finding a converter, so I’ve been refilling spent cartridges with a syringe. Time to give the Schmidt converter a try.


  2. Update: the Goulet Pen website says the Monteverde Mini Ink Cartridge Converter should work with Online pens. Haven’t tried that one either.


    • Thanks for the tips, Joe. The Schmidt seems to be a typical converter but a “mini” sounds small for calligraphy use. The more ink the better when using a wide nib, eh?


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