Can You Match Pen Or Ink To Pantone Emerald?


The Pantone Color of the Year for 2013 is emerald. Artful Home has a large selection of items in this color range though some more closely approach aqua or teal than emerald. Any of those colors can make me happy and my ink rotation reflects that penchant.

None of my fountain pens are green, but several inks in my collection could be considered emerald.

  • Diamine Umber
  • Diamine Emerald
  • Diamine Ultra Green
  • Iroshizuku shin-ryoku
  • Rohrer & Klingner Verdura

Now it’s your turn. Which pen and fountain pen ink do you think represent this color best?

Well, that’s disappointing. The graphic’s color looks a bit off so go by what you see on the Pantone site. It will be far more accurate.


  1. I say R&K Smaragdgrün 😀


    • That’s one I don’t have unless there is a sample hidden in a drawer. Will look for it.

      Leigh thinks a diluted Waterman Green would work. Have you seen that one?


  2. I love this question. lol. I was thinking along the same lines, myself when I saw the pantone spread in the Sephora catalog a few months ago. =)

    I agree with the Smaragdgrun suggestion! I am also wondering if perhaps J.Herbin Vert Reseda might also fit in this category? Eh, too minty maybe. Also, Noodler’s Forest Green could be a possible candidate.


    • Reseda is too light and bright for this.

      This isn’t a color that calls to me, so I don’t have a lot of greens in my ink hoard.


      • No green has the name Beth on it? They make up for it by having Margana written on all of them. 😛


      • you’re probably right! But, it does remind me a bit of Smaragdgrun so I thought I might add it to the mix.


        • Margana, I have been itching to try Shin-ryoku and R&K Verdura so perhaps this is a good time to check out some samples and see if maybe if they have “karen” written on them. 😉 Thanks for a fun post.


          • I’d bet at least one will have “karen” written on it. Green ink is a nice break from blue and black. Shin-ryoku has more blue to it than Verdura and they are different enough to enjoy both. Green is always in at least one of my pens in March to match the burst of new plant growth. Usually it’s the Pelikan M250 italic, the green Lamy AL-Star EF or a Pilot Elite pocket pen that earns the honor. Which pen will you use?


            • haha! Which pen to use is a good question. You know, I’ve been enjoying a very wet writing LAMY Safari lately, and may try that. I do have other pens, but this particular pen is just so juicy, which would be really nice with these colors.


              • Sounds yummy. Happy writing!


  3. You can try Edelstein Jade I guess.


  4. Waterford’s Kilbarry Emerald Isle is a great match to the Pantone Color of the Year.


    • Now that’s an ink I’ve never tried. Even the name sounds perfect.


      • It’s a pen, not an ink. It comes in BP, RB and FP (medium bi-color German nib)


        • Well, the Waterford certainly is green. 🙂


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