On My Desk To Start The New Year


A neat desk is a good way to start the new year. I reckon I will have to wait until 2014 for that bit of holiday joy.

The top section of my list comprises only the pen related items.

  • 14 pens including three Platinum #3776 pens at various stages of testing, three Levenger True Writers and a Namiki Falcon B nib filled with Noodler’s Inks for testing,  four Lamys and a Kaweco Sport filled with inks from previous tests, and two pens that are in regular rotation, a True Writer Cursive Italic and a Pelikan M215 Cursive Italic.
  • The inks in those pens are Platinum Pigment Blue, Diamine Sepia, Noodler’s Golden Brown, Tiananmen, Beaver, Purple Martin, Australian Roses, 54th Mass., Q’E-ternity, Air-Corp BBk, Ottoman Azure, plus Montblanc Racing Green, and Kaweco BBk.
  • An Apica 6A10 Note Book, a Daycraft Signature 2013 Diary, various Rhodia pads, several Staples sugarcane spiral notebooks, Stillman & Birn Journals, an Exacompta Sketchbook, Staples notebook paper, and a couple of legal pads.

Then there is all the stuff that is not fountain pen related.

  • Two Autopoint mechanical pencils and assorted erasers
  • Pentel Pocket Brush Pen
  • Two Chinese seals and a bottle of Chinese ink for painting
  • One magnifying loupe
  • One 6″ jade statue
  • A container of watercolor brushes and two Altoid-sized boxes filled with pans of watercolor paint
  • A container of drawing pencils and Sharpies
  • Six bottles of hand lotion (Well, a girl has to have options.)
  • One roll-on bottle of Life TIME Stopain Topical Analgesic
  • Minolta E-323 camera
  • Small TV, cable box, laptop-sized keyboard, mouse, and a large computer monitor that dominates the whole affair
  • Clock radio and a phone
  • One LED and one standard bulb flashlight
  • Three pairs of glasses

You should see what else it holds. Or maybe not. No need to traumatize you neat and tidy people.


  1. My first though upon reading this way was “Gee that is a lot of stuff” but then looked at my “just tidied desktop” and If I listed all the items out I would havea longer list.


    • Ha! It’s so hard not to fill all the empty space though I do enjoy a clean desk. But clutter is inevitable especially on my desk, a former breakfast table (5 x 3′). No drawers so everything winds up on top. If like you, I had a real desk, there would still be mountains of overflow on the desktop. I chalk it up to my messy, artistic side but that excuse only takes me so far. Hopefully, you are neater and leave a little room for creative endeavors.


      • 5’x3′ is luxury, mine is a minimalistic frosted glass top and black metal frame table top that looks great from a distance but is a mess of fingerprints and fine scratches up close. It is only 5’x2′ 4″ in size and dominated by a 27″ monitor. I dream of owning one of those big timber executive desks one day or a roll top bureau. 🙂


  2. Oh boy. I’d love to see a picture of your desk!


    • A photo would be hard to shoot especially with the low light conditions and ancient camera I would have to use. In this case, your imagination will have to suffice. 😉


  3. Oh to have a desk! My last desk had plenty more stuff on there which is why I rarely used it to write on, ended up writing everything (including doing work on the laptop) on the dining room table.


  4. Just to clarify my “desk” has an effective 22″ x 12″ work area. It is also my office desk and that takes priority over any creative endeavors. So for the most part, it is used for work and writing in my journal. There is no room to set up a space devoted to painting and that is what is truly missing. At least fountain pens and ink are less demanding of territory. For that, they get richly rewarded with much exercise and admiration.


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