Add Your Pen Tale To An Inkophile’s Blog


Are you in the mood to share? I would love to read some pen/ink/paper tales and anecdotes, especially of the humorous or uplifting sort. Post your contribution in the comments. Or you can post a link to one you’ve covered on your own blog and use this as a way to invite new people to visit your web home. Did someone else write something that would fit? That would work, too.

Hey, I’ve shown mine all year. Now it’s your turn!



  1. What a great topic! This year had mostly ink and paper reviews, with a few funny stories included at La Plume Etoile. The Inkophile herself taught me how to clean ink out of a cartridge using a toothpick. I also gave all my pens a good flushing and another flushing and another flushing and another flushing…you get the picture. Needless to say, the cleaning process took a while. I’m looking forward to reading the Inkophile’s reviews in 2013 and posting more of my own at http://www.plume-etoile.com.


    • Have your pens been appreciative of your care? They certainly ought to be given how much effort you put into it. I’ll say it since they probably won’t, You’re a good pen mommy! 🙂


  2. Last Christmas, I was asked to judge a school talent competition in the persona of Simon Cowell. However, unlike Mr Cowell, I made my notes with a Conway Stewart Belliver rather than with a nasty old biro. One of the acts was a pair of school teachers dressed as pantomime dames and, knowing that they would be in for a tongue lashing from me, their act started with me being wrestled from behind the judges table and manhandled into a simulated snog for the merriment of the whole school, including the headmistress and senior staff. However, so rudely was I treated that the poor old CS tumbled to the floor and hit the deck nib first. I didn’t have the heart to mention it to the chap who broke it as it was an accident. The CS was a sorry, splayed mess and a new nib was a pricey option. The pen stayed at home, unwritable, for a year until, by chance, the superb nibwright, John Sorowka, was recommended. His skilful repair meant that the pen now writes pretty well on its original nib.
    If anyone else plans on flashing a fountain pen near a pantomime dame then beware! She’s behind you…


    • That’s quite a tale and a cautionary one at that. Happy to see a pen doctor was able to bring back the nib from the dead. That’s high praise indeed.


    • Thanks you for the story and warning, keep those pens from entering the show as acrobats. Very nice ending.


  3. I started using fountain pens last year. My first purchase was the Platinum Preppy. After I’d used it for a few months and read about better pens, I ventured into a local store (http://www.sarnoffart.com/) to buy a Lamy Safari. I chatted with the sales clerk and a customer for a long time, and they hadn’t heard of the Platinum Preppy, so I showed them mine (I owned two by this point). When I returned to buy another color ink, I was remembered as the woman with the $3 fountain pen. I’ve been in there a few times since then, and I think that I’ll always be known as the Platinum Preppy Woman!


    • That’s very cool!


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