Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts Ink Meets Its Mate


Once in a while the ink, pen, paper matching game produces an instant success. Such is the case with Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts ink, a Lamy Vista with a 1.1mm calligraphy nib, and an Apica A610 notebook, my daily journal. The slightly gray paper is a perfect backdrop for the dark blue-black ink. It is slightly soft and makes a comfortable surface for the italic nib. The ink flow is good but not copious so writing is smooth with good coverage. Plus the whole combination is very pleasing to the eye.

I thought there were no holes in my regular rotation. It appears I was mistaken.

Noodler's 54th Massachusetts Ink Writing Sample

Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts Ink Writing Sample

Caveat: The Apica notebook is a favorite of mine but the paper isn’t consistent enough to recommend without reservation. I’ve just started my tenth so certainly I like them. However, about half of the journals had at least a few pages that resisted ink to a slight extent. Not a deterrent for me but it can be annoying.



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  2. I’ve been wondering about 54th Massachusetts and I’ve been looking forward to hearing your feedback. I also enjoy the Apica 6A10 quite a bit, so it’s nice to know that the two get along so nice together. I use the 6A10 quite regularly, and it’s been great with all of my pens including wetter writers. Unlike your experience though, I have not seen any variation with the 6A10 (so far, at least) but rather the CD15 has been the one to display inconsistent paper quality. With respect to the latter, I have had to make sure I use dry writers with no larger than a medium sized nib.


    • kp, glad to hear the 6A10 has worked out so well for you. I stocked up on them years ago and then received a batch from a reader who wasn’t thrilled with them. Maybe those of more recent manufacture are more consistent. I’ll find out later this year when it is time to restock. I truly enjoy how well the paper works with my fat nibs. But also in its favor is how nicely it cushions my fine nibs. My pen rotation is more varied as a result.

      As I wrote about 54 Mass., it stuck me that it is the blue complement to Noodler’s Zhivago at least in terms of color and how it writes. Both can be mistaken for black but in better light show a deep, dark color. Both have good flow, coverage, and are conservative enough for business. I suspect in future, my rotation will have at least one of them in it at all times.

      Hey, Nathan! Your inks are overtaking my rotation. No more new creations for a while, okay?



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