The Game of Books: Reward Your Imagination


Are you in? The Game of Books: Reward Your Imagination



  1. I have to ask myself WHY a part of our society wants to share everything, especially something as personal as books. What goes on in my mind should STAY in my mind, not be fodder for some info gathering program.

    Ugh. We’ve raised a generation of Facebookers that DEMAND Big Brother intrude in their lives. Yuck!


    • The most avid book reader, writer, and collector in my family, who also happens to be a FB player, sent the link and asked me to post it. No disrespect or offense intended.


  2. None taken. Just a little disquieted. What I read can be as personal as my underwear drawer at times.


    • Hey, anything that gets people reading is a good thing in my book. 🙂


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