Sundry Links For A Sunday Afternoon


Busy Sunday? Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a relaxing break with some lively links…

And lastly, from Dave Brubeck’s Associated Press obituary:

Brubeck believed that jazz presented the best face of America to the world.

“Jazz is about freedom within discipline,” he said in a 2005 interview with The Associated Press. “Usually a dictatorship like in Russia and Germany will prevent jazz from being played because it just seemed to represent freedom, democracy and the United States.

“Many people don’t understand how disciplined you have to be to play jazz. … And that is really the idea of democracy — freedom within the Constitution or discipline. You don’t just get out there and do anything you want.”



  1. Love looking at the Nakaya pens. But after the generous loan of someone else’s for awhile…. The nib was awesome, but I hated the body shape. That sharp step simply hits my hand wrong. One brand does NOT fit all. Sigh….


    • Which nib did you like so well, Beth?


      • It was a BB and smooth as silk. Tried a portable writer. Lovely finish. Lovely nib. Design is simply not for my back on the pen stance. If you religiously hold pens on the section and the sharp step hitting your other fingers doesn’t bother you, I’d say they’re great art that also writes.

        Be aware they’re feather light and c/c fillers as well.


        • Ah, the step. That’s a deal-breaker for me. Must admire Nakaya from afar.


  2. Thanks


  3. […] Mont Blanc Fountain Pens In all of ourFollow the Leaders: Faber-Castell e-motion Fountain Pen (M nib)Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen – Extra Fin Nib – Blue Body – Stationery ReviewSundry Links For A Sunday Afternoon […]


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