Does Inkophile Owe You One?


The year is drawing to a close and it has been a roller coaster ride to be sure. My office is jammed with work, art supplies, pens, ink, and tons of paper products. This week Christmas arrived early when Dick Egolf of Luxury Brands sent a huge box of Noodler’s Ink, Noodler’s Pens, and Platinum pens for review. Color me gobsmacked at his generosity and consider my wishlist fulfilled.

Certainly, it is a lot of product to test and write about but I also want to handle any unfinished business. So if I owe you a review, please let me know. My log shows that I have caught up but it could be mistaken. Not that a log would ever lie but…


One comment

  1. I’m happy to help with those reviews.. Haha! Good luck Sir.


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