New Iroshizuku Inks


Rumor has it there are three new Iroshizuku inks coming in November. Will one be perfect for you?

  • take-sumi – charcoal
  • shin-kai – deep sea
  • ama-iro – sky color

Update: DaveyB has found them offered by Engeika already!



  1. There goes the wallet! Sigh….

    I have yet to find a shade in this ink that doesn’t behave brilliantly. Their grays are so responsive that I know I’ll have to try the charcoal.

    I’m not so sure about the blues. I prefer the more brilliant shades like Ku-jaku.


    • Beth, you are so right. This release will make a dent in the budget and just before the holidays, too. Charcoal will fill the need for an all-purpose color so I hope they ship it in sufficient quantity.

      Ku-jaku? It’s been keeping company with my Levenger Kyoto True Writer B that was modified to a stub by Mike Masuyama. The ink color matches the blue bits perfectly. Which pen(s) in your collection has a preference for it?



  2. Thanks for the hint/link, Margana. I’ll keep an eye open for those.



    • Welcome, Bruno! Which color will you buy first or do you find all three irresistible?



  3. Reblogged this on Fountain Pen Quest and commented:
    Just what I need. More inks to choose from. I am going to have to try the Charcoal.


  4. Nice – my next ink purchase coming up. I will have to keep an eye of the Japanese vendor sites as they normally have them first.


  5. Mrs Goulet reports they’ll have theirs in December and have already placed their order. So Goulet Pen company will offer them as soon as they come in.


    • Other companies should be offering the new colors around that time, too. Hmmm. Just in time for the holidays?


  6. The new colours have became available for purchase at Engeika’s http://wancher.ocnk.biz/product-list/49 – 19 bottles of each available. My order is in…


    • Thanks for the tip, Davey!


  7. I just obtained a bottle of the Charcoal. Its a delightful ink. Smooth, wet flow with a very universal colour that suits any pen. Glad I bought a bottle.


    • Thanks for the feedback, Greg.


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